Strip plastic is dance art that helps women to loosen up and become more self-confident. You become more captivating, self-confident and gain a sense of feminine mystery to yourself. Each of us has lioness inside and strip plastic might help you to unleash her in you. Do not worry about your physical preparedness – this course does not require it and is intended to improve your athletic form.

We do not require from wife to be embodiment of perfection, but for her to realize it.

It is not just an art form but it is a way how to keep yourself in good physical shape. Training course is set up in a way that all muscle groups are in use and calories are being burned. Each class if finalized with stretching that helps to improve your flexibility and plasticity. We want to emphasize that strip plastic is not a striptease (undressing, seduction). Strip plastic is dance art that combines acting with modern and ball dance elements. Women do not need to undress herself to be seductive!

Red Rose Lady Studio is the only one specialized strip plastic studio in Riga that exists since year 2014.