Beginners course

12 lessons where Strip plastic basics and basic elements are being learnt together with first dance chorography. After beginners course you can continue trainings in other groups with previous knowledge and learn new dance chorography.
Price: 55 eur/ 12 lessons

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Private lessons

During Private lesson you can prepare surprise for your loved one and stage your own private dance or you can improve your femininity and plasticity on your own terms and at time that fits you best.
Price: 25 eur/h

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Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party or Master Class is great fun activity for a group of friends during which a dance choreography is being learnt. A certificate of attendance is given to Bride to be or Jubilee at the end of the class.
Price: 60 eur

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Gift Cards

Red Rose Lady Studio gift cards are available for purchase at studio previses. You can purchase gift card for private lessons, dance course or any particular amount per your request.

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Wedding Dance

Wonderful way how to make your special day a little bit more special. You choose the music and dance coach will help you to create your own special dance choreography. Learning of dance upon previously agreed upon times.
Price: 30 eur


Stretching is a great way how to start energized and successful weekend. The goal of this class is to amplify your plasticity, augment the curve of your back and get a step closer to the splits.
Price: 7eur 

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During dance lesson we suggest to wear comfortable outfit and shoes with heels (advised to have shoes with straps) and soft knee pads.